Accessing Electronic Medical Data at UCSF

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ApeX, (Advanced Patient-Centered Excellence), is UCSF’s electronic EPIC based, Medical Record System (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) system which puts increased emphasis on patient safety and medical error prevention by creating one electronic patient chart that’s accessible across the institution, increasing the continuity of care. By housing all patient information in one electronic database, it eliminates the duplication of tests, sends alerts to warn of allergies to medications or contradictions and creates an easily accessible mechanism for sharing information. Most information from STOR and UCare has been imported into APeX. 

To request APeX access (and UCARE access), go to the medical center ARF websiteLog on with your SOM domain user name and password. Please check with your supervisor to confirm required and suggested courses. Detailed instructions for research coordinators are available as well as a full online APeX knowledge bank.

The latest information for CRCs, including a tip sheet with instructions on which Learning Management System CRC Courses, is located on the APeX Knowledge Bank and the User Guide for Clinical Research Coordinators contains detailed instructions on placing orders for research in APeX. 

For a useful tip sheet on using APeX in clinical research studies, including information about coverage analysis and billing review, please see CRC Tip Sheet. In order to request a new Clinical Trial Build in APeX (also known as ZZ account) you must complete this form and send to the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) at [email protected].

STOR and UCare

STOR/CDS (STOR=Summary Time Oriented Record) is a medical record summary used for outpatient visits. It was the only electronic source for clinical information prior to July 1, 2005. In 2009 it was mostly replaced by UCare.  UCare was the electronic medical record for Moffitt-Long Hospital, the Parnassus Ambulatory clinics, Lakeshore, and Mt. Zion. All lab results, radiology results, and other clinical information from July 1, 2005 onward was in UCare until the information was transistioned to APeX in 2012. Most information from STOR and UCare has been imported into APeX. More information about Health Information Management Services (HIMS) can be found here.

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