Medical Center and Campus Safety Training

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Required Safety Training for All Campus Staff Working in the Medical Center is available via the UC Learning Center.  This course reviews important Medical Center safety issues including: General Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Life Safety, Infectious Disease Transmission, Medical Equipment, Utility Failures, Ergonomics and Safe Lifting Techniques, Hazard Communication, Workplace Violence and Physical Safety Issues, and Hazardous Materials and Wastes. 

Annual Safety Training
UCSF employees working in healthcare settings are required to complete a medical evaluation, including TB surveillance and vaccinations,  with the Occupational Health Services Program.

Infection Control for Ancillary Staff 

Log onto the UC Learning Center to access infection control training.  Upon completion, your compliance will be automatically updated on the university’s learning management system. 

Tips for registration: 

  • Where it says “Select one or more reasons”, please choose the 3rd one: “require EH&S online training and access to RUA, BUA”
  • Once you have access (which may take 2 – 3 days), please take the following modules (each takes 20-30 minutes to complete):

Blood Borne Pathogens
The Blood Borne Pathogens class (both initial and refresher courses) presents the requirements of the California Blood-borne Pathogen Standard, including methods of protecting against exposure. It is required for all employees working with potential exposure to Human blood (whole, components, products). Blood borne Pathogen training must be renewed annually.  

Safe Shipping of Biohazards
Biohazardous materials are constantly being transported both among UCSF campuses. The process of shipping these materials is highly regulated and requires Safe Shipping of Biohazards training. Non-compliance can lead to fines and other punitive actions. This training must be renewed every 2 years.

Research Online has been decommissioned. Contact RIO Tech Help with any questions. All online training classes such as: Office Safety Training, Fire Safety and UCSF OEH&S Office Ergonomics, have been moved to the UC Learning Center.

For additional Campus center courses, please visit the UC Learning Center and click on Campus Training

If you are a CTSI Clinical Research Services Coordinator, please see the CTSI New Employee Checklist