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OnCore - The Online Collaborative Research Environment, is a clinical trial management system (CTMS) that enables the management of research, safety, regulatory, financial, biospecimen, and operational data in one tool.  As it is the system in use at the University of California San Francisco for coverage analysis, all clinical trials or research studies requiring coverage analysis must have a record in OnCore.

OnCore is managed and maintained by the UCSF OnCore Team, which works closely with study teams interested in incorporating OnCore into their work flows for more efficient clinical research operations and centralized data management.  UCSF currently supports three of OnCore’s modules, providing a variety of data solutions and operations management tools for clinical research teams. 

OnCore Training​

Clinical Research Management (CRM)

The OnCore CRM module supports overall management of protocols, subjects, and study financials in one place:

Subject Tracking and Clinical Data Collection:

  • Subject enrollment and visit tracking using OnCore calendar functionality
  • Automatic retrieval of demographics data for UCSF patients (via APeX interface)
  • Clinical data capture using standard forms (CRFs) from the OnCore library or study-specific custom forms
  • Monitoring functionality to query and validate form data
  • Data retrieval through direct export or custom reporting

Study Financial Management:

  • Communication tool between research coordinators and post-award analysts
  • Coverage analysis document and budget development tools
  • Study milestones tracking, sponsor invoicing, and payment reconciliation

Research Program Oversight:

  • Staff effort tracking for resource allocation and program management
  • Checklists to track study start-up activities and streamline processes
  • Notification functionality to alert research staff and collaborators about subject milestones, safety monitoring, or regulatory expirations

Biospecimen Management (BSM)

The OnCore BSM module enables management of real-time specimen acquisition, tracking, and data entry for specimen research and correlative studies:

  • Storage location and inventory management
  • Management of specimen requests and distribution
  • Barcoding and label printing using BarTender (OnCore compatible third-party tool)
  • Conducted as a peer-led training with sign-off documentation. Request via [email protected]

Unified Registries Management (URM)

The OnCore URM module enables management of clinical research data sets that are configured around an event (e.g., biopsy or surgery), condition, diagnosis, or patient characteristics:

  • Ability to create hierarchical registries for data capture at the case, patient, or event level
  • Unified forms engine for consistent data collection across URM and other OnCore modules
  • Self-serve report building functionality for data export and analysis
  • Conducted on an as-needed basis. Request via [email protected]

How do I get started using OnCore?


For system security and compliance, OnCore training is required for all users before access can be granted.  To request an account and view training requirements for the different levels of access, view the “OnCore Introduction” video through the UCSF Learning Center Portal.

Coverage Analysis

OnCore serves as the system of record for coverage analysis (study billing plan), including the following information:

  • Protocol summary information
  • Study documents
  • Protocol schedule of events (OnCore calendar)
  • Qualifying Clinical Trial (QCT) determination
  • Procedure billing designations

Who do I contact with questions?

For OnCore requests and support, please contact our OnCore Help Desk through one of these methods: