Resources for Recruiting Study Participants

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CTSI Participant Recruitment Program

The Participant Recruitment Program (PRP) provides tools, services, and infrastructure to support participant recruitment. Highlighted services include:

EHR Recruitment Service This service allows studies to create automatically updated reports of UCSF Health patients who are potentially eligible for their study, and then use the reports to efficiently contact these patients with information about their study. 

Social Media Recruitment Service Studies use this service to identify and engage potential study participants through paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. PRP works with the study team to create a social media recruitment strategy and posts the advertisements on a centralized UCSF Research Facebook page.

Free tools to create recruitment materials Free tools to create appealing study recruitment materials and tips for how to advertise.

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UCSF Clinical Trials

UCSF Clinical Trials is a website that potential participants can use to search for studies and contact study teams to express their interest in enrolling.  The website pulls data from and other data sources to display information such as the study description, investigator name and inclusion/exclusion criteria.  To ensure that interested participants can reach the appropriate study team member, all study teams are encouraged to keep their records up-to-date and verify that the correct information is being displayed on UCSF Clinical Trials.  It is also helpful to use simple, easy-to-understand language in describing the study to assist visitors' comprehension.

Recruitment Guidelines and Tools