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Modernization of the Protocol Registration and Results System and Website 

Do you have ideas about how to improve the user experience? Now is the chance to give your opinion.

The Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS), where researchers register studies and report results information, and the public facing website are both being updated to improve the user experience. Test sites, or beta release websites, of the PRS website and the publicly accessible website, are available for use and there is an opportunity to provide feedback during the redesign process.

Goals and Implementation

The modernization effort seeks to improve the user experience with new and updated websites that will be easier and faster to use.

The goals of the updated test sites, or beta releases, of the PRS and website and components are to:

  • Introduce users to the new technology platforms and evaluate their real-world performance.
  • Provide PRS users with improved methods to manage their records.
  • Offer new foundational features that will be expanded over time.
  • Collect user input to inform future development.

The beta sites currently function in parallel to the existing systems to allow for user testing and improvements.   

Beta PRS Release

Updates in the new PRS Release (PRS Beta) are now available at A recorded demonstration to preview PRS Beta is available.

Figure 1. The beta PRS homepage with the “Contact” button, about menu, and the yellow “Give feedback” button highlighted
Figure 1. The beta PRS homepage with the “Contact” button, about menu, and the yellow “Give feedback” button highlighted


The PRS Beta release includes:

  • New workflow and management features such as a customizable display and multiple download options to help users save time.
  • Improvements to the functionality of the Record List.
  • An option to click on buttons to contact with questions, give feedback about PRS Beta, and learn about PRS Beta:
    • A pop-up window was added to the Contact button to provide other options for finding answers to questions and getting help with using PRS Beta. 
    • To provide feedback, click on the yellow feedback button on the bottom right side of the webpage. 
    • An About menu was added that includes links to the About PRS Beta page and the release notes.

Beta Release 

The new updated public facing beta homepage is now available by clicking on the banner link on Home – or directly via

The Release Notes Page has more information about current and future updates.

The modernization effort implements a responsive website design that better supports mobile device users and adds information written in plain language. There are multiple ways to provide feedback as you explore the beta website.

Measuring Success, Next Steps, and Future Releases

User feedback received from website surveys, analytics, and continued engagement will help PRS staff to assess the success of the first beta releases. Specific details of each component and release will be available. 

To learn about related events and upcoming website enhancements and features, visit the Modernization webpage

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