Consent Development

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With few exceptions, researchers must obtain and document prospective consent from the research subject before initiating any screening or study procedures. Any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the IRB beforehand. For additional guidance on the informed consent process, please refer to UCSF policy.

UCSF consent form templates
When developing a consent document, you should start with a UCSF Consent and Assent Template. These templates include required regulatory elements and UCSF-specific wording. Please contact the IRB for assistance developing consent documents.

Choosing a consent form template

It is important to use the template that best fits the type of research you are conducting. For example, if you are conducting a study that involves the use of investigational or approved drugs, devices, diagnostics, or therapeutics; or studies that may be considered interventional research, use the Biomedical consent form template.

Need assistance? Please email the IRB or call 415-476-1814.