Feasibility Analysis Guidance and Procedures

Feasibility Analysis & Scientific Review Information

Effective June 15, 2015: Feasibility Analysis & Scientific Review is no longer required prior to submitting to the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  

Feasibility Analysis

The purpose of Feasibility Analysis is to evaluate studies involving human subjects for feasibility. If required by your Division, Department, or Organization, PIs, Sub-Investigators, or Study Coordinators may conduct a Feasibility Analysis using the  UCSF Clinical Trial Feasibility Checklist tool. For industry trials, you may complete the “Sponsor Expectations” section of the checklist and include any additional information as appropriate.

 Feasibility analysis is not required prior to IRB submission.

Scientific Review

Scientific Review prior to IRB submission is no longer required. If required by the PIs Division, Department, or Organization, tools and templates are available below and on the IRB website.


  1. Clinical Trial Protocol
  2. Clinical Trial Feasibility Checklist
  3. SAMPLE-Patient Care Manager Support Letter for Research (sample letter for investigators who need patient care nurses to be aware of or assist with protocols on their units)
  4. UCSF List of Funding Agencies that Conduct Acceptable Scientific Review (List includes national, state & local affiliates)