Specimen Transport

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Clinical Labs Research Specimen Transportation Service

Research specimens may be dropped off at Parnassus and picked up at  Mission Bay.

This free service is offered by the Office of Clinical Research and Clinical Labs and may be expanded to other locations in the future.

Schedule (times are approximate)

Questions about the Courier Schedule? Contact the Mission Bay Clinical Lab

Forms required

Specimen Transport Instructions

Prepare Specimens

Step 1: Collect specimens in sealed containers

Step 2: Place specimens inside secondary packaging containing absorbent material

Step 3: Attach a requisition to the secondary container

Step 4: Label the container with "Research" and the recipient lab (e.g., "Deliver to MB Clinical Lab")

Drop Off

Step 5: Deliver samples to a staff member in the aliquot room at Clinical Lab

Step 6: Samples will be placed inside a green transport container

Step 7: Courier will transport specimens to recipient Clinical Lab location

Pick Up

Step 8: Notify recipient to pick up samples at receiving Clinical Lab location

Step 9: Pick up samples from the yellow bin