Clinical Subject Management

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Master Subject Log
Most clinical trials involve multiple study visits over an extended period of time. While it is very important to maintain subject privacy and confidentiality, a study coordinator's job also involves making sure that subjects come for their follow up visits on schedule. A study coordinators job is made much easier to have all the subject contact information in one place. In conjunction with the Subject Visit Schedule Log, the Master Subject Log helps to make the study coordinators job a bit easier.

Subject Screening and Enrollment Log
Usually a research team has to screen several subjects to find subjects who are eligible for participation in a particular study. No subject may be screened without informed consent, unless this was waived by an IRB. It is important to keep track of all the subjects who agreed to participate in a research study by signing the informed consent form. Some of these subjects may be screen failures, some may withdraw after a few visits while others go on to complete the study. The Screening / Enrollment / Withdrawal Log helps track study subjects.

Subject Visit Schedule Log
Most coordinators work on several studies simultaneously. It is very difficult to keep track of subject visits especially when studies involve multiple visits over long periods of time. The Study Events Tracking Form and Subject Visit Log will help you keep track of subject visits and will also help you calculate subsequent visits.

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